Lead Scoring & Qualification

Part of an effective lead management process, lead scoring and qualification takes already valuable lead information gained from all digital marketing efforts and builds upon it—ensuring your sales team is only engaging with the very best leads.

We’re experts in lead scoring as a methodology, which means we can:

  • Rank all of your prospects in terms of how valuable they are to your specific organization
  • Further break down and qualify prospects by company size, industry segment, job title, geographic location and more
  • Use this data to create highly targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to the needs of the buyers you want
  • Continually monitor and track data using HubSpot’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution, seeing what campaigns are effective and which aren’t, thereby allowing us to refine marketing efforts when required

The end result is increased sales and marketing efficiency. This translates into your sales team talking to the right leads at the right time and closing the sales that will grow your company.

How We Make Lead Scoring & Qualification Work for You

Our goal is to arm members of your sales team with data that simplify their jobs. As your marketing partner, we use lead scoring and qualification to reduce wasted sales efforts by:

  • Ensuring your sales team members are only talking to qualified leads that are ready to become customers
  • Providing them detailed information (aka lead intelligence) about each lead

Our account teams research specific leads, companies and markets and deliver the intelligence that enhances your sales team’s overall effectiveness. And while your sales team is spending more time building relationships with high-value leads, we continually use lead data to refine all of our marketing efforts. We also continue to nurture all other leads using data-driven, strategic marketing campaigns that push them further down the sales pipeline.

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